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My Salvation Experience

My Salvation Experience
by Temi Peter - Temmy
My Salvation Experience

I gave my life to Jesus Christ shortly after I gained admission into secondary boarding school. Young and innocent, it did not take long before my seniors noticed me and invited me to the campus fellowship. Indeed, it was my first time in a Pentecostal assembly. The fellowship was Pentecostal inclined. Hitherto, while I was still with my parents, we attended a white garment church. I never liked the church. Just went for going sake. I didn’t even know what the service was about. However, at the campus fellowship, I was touched. Things were very different. There was life. I could feel the anointing and power of the Holy Spirit move in the life of the members – we students. Praise and worship sessions were wonderful, awesome, inspiring and a heaven-on-earth experience. The sermons were apt, touching and educating and focused almost entirely on the rapture and the end time and what will befall those who will be left behind. In fact, we (fresh students) lived in awe and fear as if the rapture will happen any moment. Dramas and film shows were shown us to that effect. I was really scared. I didn’t want to go to hell. Sadly, I had never heard anything of the kind beforehand. I was really terrified.
Even though I was born a Christian, it did not take long for me to realise that I needed to give my life to Christ. I did without even batting an eyelid. And I kept doing it again and again because at the time, my fear was that anytime I sinned, I had backslid and needed to be saved again. So anytime the altar call was made either during a midweek or Sunday service, I’ll remember one sin or the other I had committed during the week and immediately come out to be saved again. There was no reason to be ashamed whatsoever. The rapture could happen anytime. I didn’t want to miss it. I was so naïve. I kept doing this anytime and anywhere I heard an altar call until an aunt of mine noticed it and stopped me.
As time went on and I moved from one class to the other, I began to develop a thick skin towards the sermons. I stopped attending services regularly and didn’t feel too guilty any longer. Not that I became a bad boy or backslid per se, it’s just that I became lukewarm. However, whenever I attended a service and felt touched, I never hesitated to come out and give my life to Christ all over again.

Since then, it had been up and down, on and off starting from my late secondary school years through my university years and through my service and post-service years until I was about getting married. Nevertheless, I had always been a daily Bible and devotional reader, prayerful and spiritually conscious for most of the period. An aunt of mine who just gave her life to Christ and was hot for Christ cultivated the habit of reading the Bible daily into me shortly before I left secondary school and it has stuck ever since. Thank God.
During pre-counselling interview, I was asked if I had reached specific milestones in the Christian faith and I fell short. True, I had never been water-baptised, I had never gone through the baptismal/believers’ classes or anything similar and all that. My interviewers were disappointed. I had been attending a particular church for 14 years and had never thought about getting baptised. What a shame! Immediately, I was told to enrol for pre-baptism classes and get baptised before I proceeded on marriage counselling. However, they were gracious enough to let me run both concurrently. The believers’ class runs for at least 19 Sundays in my church after which one will go through baptismal classes which will climax with a prayer and fasting exercise that will end in a deliverance night vigil from which one will be taken to the river to be baptised early in the morning. Reluctantly, I obliged them. I didn’t want an anything that would stop my forthcoming wedding. Beforehand and as always, pastor would always announce that believers’ class would hold after the service and that new members were welcome. I never gave it any serious attention. Why? First, I thought I knew enough. What new thing was there for me to learn? I read my Bible daily, I read a devotional daily. So what could be new? Also, the teachers are usually just ordinary church workers. Will they be able to make any impact on me? Another reason was that staying back after church service seemed like an uphill task for me. I had made it a habit not to eat before attending a Sunday service. Hence, at the end of each service I’ll be so famished that I won’t have the appetite to wait for another ‘service’ again in the name of believers’ class.
However, with my wedding at hand, I was now determined to go all the way. Not just because I wanted to get married, but I had had this inward desire to get baptised for some time especially since I stumbled on John 3:5 and looked forward to any opportunity to go through it. It was just that I didn’t want to go through all the ‘stress’ associated with it.
So I started the believers’ class one Sunday afternoon. At the beginning, it was not interesting. But as I progressed from study to study, it started getting interesting and I began to learn new things and gain new insights into the word of God. I also learnt about the church doctrine and its stand on some issues. I took a break during the period to get married and didn’t find it difficult continuing the classes when I returned. At the end of the believers’ class, I proceeded to the baptismal class which was a reemphasis of some major topics taught during the believers’ class. At the end, we were asked to go on a 3-day fasting and prayer exercise which started on a Wednesday. The fast was to be observed in such a way that we shall have our last meal when we break the Wednesday fast in the evening. The Thursday fast was to continue through the whole of Friday till Saturday morning after the deliverance vigil and baptism proper has taken place early in the morning. I was determined to follow through the whole process. It’s not as if the coordinators could enforce it anyway neither did they have any means of knowing who followed through the exercise as prescribed. But I wanted to fulfil all righteousness. I did the Wednesday fasting and prayer with ease. I started the fast on Thursday quite well and went all the way till close to noon on Friday morning when I could go no further and decided to break the fast. It wasn’t not like I was hungry or thirsty. It’s just that my legs started aching. I became restless on all fronts. I changed position several times within a minute so much so that if someone saw me, they would think something was wrong with me. Thankfully, I was alone in the office. After trying to hold on, I decided to break the fast knowing fully well that I still had the whole of Friday to go through, a night vigil to attend later in the day and baptism to go through before I can break going by the laid down process. I also had to prepare for the upcoming written and oral tests later in the day. I broke the fast with bread and water. And that was all I ate until I after the baptism. My legs continued to ache until after the baptism though I regained my composure.
Later in the day, I proceeded to the church from my office to await the night vigil. We went through the written and oral tests before the vigil began. We didn’t get to see our results but I believed I performed well. I had really learnt a lot. The vigil was power packed. There were no dull moments. No opportunity to doze at all. We went through different stages of deliverance under different anointed ministers. The vigil lasted several hours but it didn’t seem so.
In the early hours of Saturday, November 30, 2013 we proceeded by bus to the Isheri river where I got baptised for the first time in my life. I was so excited. Finally, my redemption had been sealed. My belonging to Jesus Christ was now permanent. I have decided to follow Jesus. No turning back! It was a whole new beginning for me. The following day, Sunday, I launched this site – Also, same day, I ate my first Holy Communion as a baptised Christian. It was awesome.

Ever since I got baptised, I have been trying to draw closer to God and go deeper in the study of His word. I have become a better heaven-conscious uncompromising Christian by the grace of God.
Honestly, it has not been all rosy. Some days it looks as if the Lord is just not there or maybe He is happy to see me suffer. At times, I even go all the way to accuse Him of callousness and being uncaring. Other times, I’ll wonder if I’m even meant to be His at all. Sometimes, I tell Him He has disappointed me. But through it all, the Lord is so merciful and kind. He understands. And He ALWAYS goes ahead to prove to me that He loves me and He is always there for me with infallible proofs. I then bow down in awe of Him with thanksgiving, praise and adoration. Of a truth, He has never left me alone. I’m still a work-in-progress and I know the Lord is taking me somewhere. Praise the LORD!


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By Chrissy
Tue, March 15, 2016 7:05pm
Weldone Temi, I love this website and your salvation story is inspiring. May the Lord continue to bless and build you


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