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Multiple miscarriages end with birth of twins

Multiple miscarriages end with birth of twins
by Temi Peter - Temmy
Multiple miscarriages end with birth of twins

Ayeni Olawale Charles (Male, Nigeria) narrates on September 30, 2015:

"My names are Ayeni Olawale. I am from Kwara state. This testimony has been long delayed, and I have no rest of mind because of the guilt associated with this. It so happened that after our first born, my wife had multiple episodes of miscarriages, which was very distressing for us. In the month of May 2014, I fasted for 30 days before the June Holy Ghost service. My major requests was for child birth, academic progress, and a new car to enable me attend the Holy Ghost services as often as possible. During the service, Daddy G.O prophesied that God is giving out set of twins and triplets, I reluctantly said amen because I only wanted one. However, my wife conceived of a set of twins in the month of June, and gave birth to a set of twins (a boy and a girl) in February 2015. My wife bled for about three to four months during the period of the pregnancy, however God sustained the pregnancy not allowing her to miscarry it. The most important things that occurred is that our friends that stood by her during the childbirth, who had also been waiting on God for children conceived in the same month my wife gave birth. God gave me academic progress, and also gave us the car of our choice, and since then I have been able to attend Holy Ghost services almost every month. Praise and bless the name of Our God with us. Let His Name be praised forever, for He is the God that answers prayers. Thank You God."



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