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11 years of barrenness comes to an end

11 years of barrenness comes to an end
by Temi Peter - Temmy
11 years of barrenness comes to an end

A very close aunt of mine got married in 2003. She had been instrumental to my rededication to Jesus having rekindled the fire of the gospel in me shortly after she gave her life to Christ. She was really hot for Christ. That was in the year 2000. Not long after, I learnt that for one reason or the other, she fell into sin. I felt so bad. Could she have backslidden? I didn’t get any chance to meet her until the eve of her wedding in 2003. At the time, we could have no serious discussions because of the wedding preparation which had reached fever pitch. Hence, I couldn’t really ascertain if she was still in the faith at the time. Year in, year out, we anticipated to hear good news of her getting pregnant or putting to bed. Nothing of the kind came. Some of her siblings who got married after her may have already given birth to all their children. I am sharing this testimony on her behalf because I could feel first hand the mercy of God over her life. The Lord is truly really merciful. All the while when she was waiting, she took special interest in children. She organised lessons for them despite the fact that she was gainfully employed. She would not only teach them, she would feed them. In fact, she accommodated as many as desired to spend the night with her. Parents were just so glad and free to have their children in her care. She really curried the favour and mercy of the Lord Almighty by doing all these things and she got it.
Eventually, sometime last month the much anticipated good news came. She had put to bed a set of twins. I was extremely joyful, happy and thankful to God for His tender mercies and loving kindness as I jumped up and down in thanksgiving. Praise the Lord!


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