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Their son was healed of potential autism

Their son was healed of potential autism
by Temi Peter - Temmy
Their son was healed of potential autism

Lilian Akobo (Female, Ireland) narrates on June 28, 2016:

"After our son was born, we discovered that his speech was delayed. He could not communicate like his peers nor did he seem to understand instructions. The doctors had started pointing in the direction of autism but we continued to pray. In the April Holy Ghost Service, as we watched online, Daddy GO abruptly stopped mid sentence and said, there is a woman here. The doctors are saying that your child may have autism. Lay your hands on that child now and say peace be still! I ran to where my son was lying down, laid hands on him and said Peace be still! I didn't see any changes immediately but i knew without a doubt that the word was for me. i continued going back to youtube to play that particular part where daddy GO gave the word and afterwards my husband and i will praise God and claim total healing and deliverance for our son. Fast forward a few weeks later, my son starts talking in full sentences, understands and obeys instructions, interacts wonderfully with his peers. Even his teachers and the staff in his school are amazed by the sudden turn around! We are convinced that the God of Daddy Adeboye who started this miracle will complete it in the name of Jesus! Praise the Lord!!"



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