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His son was delivered from untimely death

His son was delivered from untimely death
by Temi Peter - Temmy
His son was delivered from untimely death

Samuel Adesina (Male, Nigeria) narrates on January 12, 2016:

"Daddy, I thank God for His anointing upon you Sir! Last day in December 2015, my wife was busy with household chores and my second son and the first were playing. Then, the second son started crying for attention. She observed that he is going pale and weak. It was as if there was no more blood running in his body. He gradually closed his eyes. She called my attention to it and we prayed and then used the comb you blessed during the annual Holy Ghost Congress of 2015. I combed healing and sound health forward and untimely death backward. The boy then fell asleep. In just some few minutes later, he woke up and resumed playing with my older son. I give glory to God for delivering my son from untimely death. I praise God!"



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