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Healed of swelling inside my ear

Healed of swelling inside my ear
by Temi Peter - Temmy
Healed of swelling inside my ear

Sometime in late 2011, I just discovered that I was having difficulty hearing with my one of my ears. Everything sounded lower than normal in the affected ear. At first, I thought it was caused by too much wax in the ear. I then decided to clean it up. Yet, this did not solve the problem. It was rather getting embarrassing because whenever anyone spoke to me, I was finding it difficult to hear the person unless the person screamed or I turned the other ear. It had also started to affect my voice such that whenever I spoke, my voice would re-echo inside of me and my outward voice was beginning to go weak. I was really uncomfortable. All the while, I didn’t seek medical help or advice because I didn’t want to hear a negative report or go through any serious medical procedure.

Then came time for the yearly Holy Ghost congress. I decided to attend. Towards the end of the Thursday program, Baba i.e. Pastor E.A Adeboye asked us to come to the altar and ask for anything we wanted for the next 30 minutes. Immediately, I remembered the ear and seized the opportunity to run to the altar. I stuck a finger inside it and prayed hard for God to heal me. It was what I prayed for most of the period. I was expecting instant healing. But it didn’t happen that way. I also attended the Friday program.
At the end of the Holy Ghost congress, while I was at home, I discovered that pus was coming out of the ear. The more it came out, the louder things sounded in the ear and the less my voice re-echoed inside me. My voice also became stronger. Within a day or two, I was completely set free and whole again. Of course I knew God had answered my prayer at the camp and the manifestation was just taking place. And I did not hesitate to return all the glory to Him.
I didn’t have to see a doctor or use any drugs before I was healed. For that I am grateful.
Praise the LORD!


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