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Rare Blood Genotype AC miraculously gets converted to AA!

Rare Blood Genotype AC miraculously gets converted to AA!
by Temi Peter - Temmy
Rare Blood Genotype AC miraculously gets converted to AA!

Olaniyan Oluwatoyin (female, Nigeria) narrates on May 27, 2015:

"Let somebody shout hallelujah! The Almighty God has shown me mercy, The God of ALL FLESH has visited me. Our God is indeed a miraculous God. I used to have genotype AC, which is more or less like AS. I ended my last courtship with my first fiancee partly because our genotype wasn't compatible has he is AC. I met a new guy who also proposed to me and in fact we had completed our marriage counselling classes, when our pastor raised issues about our genotype incompatibility after our medical test. I quickly identified this as a stumbling block and we took the case to God in prayer as we believed that knowledge of man/science cannot limit God. The Lord that is able to bring forth triplets from a woman that has no womb, the God of creative miracles that is able to add inches to the height of that man who testified at the camp. God of Daddy GO, My Father, my Creator and my Manufacturer indeed visited me. He turned my genotype AC to AA!!! today the 27th of May, 2015. He turned the knowledge of science into foolishness, he caused confusion in the Laboratory, and indeed glorified HIS Name JESUS, THE GOD OF ALL FLESH. He is indeed awesome and the most powerful. Let somebody shout hallelujah!!!"



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