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Little boy healed of lameness, dumbness and memory loss

Little boy healed of lameness, dumbness and memory loss
by Temi Peter - Temmy
Little boy healed of lameness, dumbness and memory loss

Faseluka Christine (female, Nigeria) narrates on January 15, 2015:

“I want to thank God for the salvation of my soul and for using me as a vessel unto honour. in my place of work there is a muslim sister that her son was struck in the night since last year, he couldnt talk again nor walk and also lost his memory, he had been taking to all the churches, mosques, herbalist, no cure. but on the 10th of jan 2015, my husband encouraged me to give her the anointing oil that was given at the last september holy ghost service (the key of David), the one Daddy GO asked us to keep for any difficult situation. i took a little from it and gave her, while i rub a little on my hands and lay my hands on hers and told her when she gets home, she should lay her hands on her son and give him the anointing oil to drink and also rub on his body. she said on getting home that evening, she laid her hands on the child and said, talk in Jesus name, and the child said mummy faintly, she told him to talk loudly in Jesus name and the child shouted Mummy, this was a child that has lost his memory at the cause of the sickness. she pointed to his father and asked who is this, and he said daddy,,the boy got up and started walking around gently at that moment to the glory of God,, and the father who is an Imam, joined the wife in praising the name of Jesus. as at today the boy is running talking and doing those things he couldnt do. PRAISE THE LORD. MAY THE LORD UPHOLD OUR DADDY GO AND INCREASE HIS GRACE ON HIS LIFE IN JESUS NAME.”



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