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She gets her first real job after 8 years of being a graduate

She gets her first real job after 8 years of being a graduate
by Temi Peter - Temmy
She gets her first real job after 8 years of being a graduate

Akorede (Female, Australia) narrates on November 22, 2015:

"The God of wonders, that is HIS name. The one that parted the sea with HIS mighty hands that is HIS name. I have graduated from my undergraduate degree 8 years ago. Over the 8 years, I was privileged to do 2 masters abroad, partly because I did have not a job and also because I wanted to further my education Throughout this period God has been merciful, I was able to get some scholarship and other funds through family for study. For about 4.5 years out of the 8 years I had been jobless or been into the a low skilled job just to keep feeding. Over the years, I had done many interviews and always fearful during the interviews. I was beginning to feel hopeless " will I ever know the joy of having the job of my dreams', but God of wonders just surprised with a job I never interviewed for, I just submitted my resume and I was called for the job. The salary package is beyond my expectation, even people that have been established abroad found this hard to believe. I was asked for a salary range and by the time they got back to me it was double the amount I asked for. The LORD has done it . My joy knows no bounds, I am in OVERFLOW. May the almighty God be glorified forever and ever. It is a contract job for now, but I believe my God that has opened this way will perfect me. I have heard this kind of testimony before but a times find it hard to believe, now am a living witness, Praise the LORD with me. Please share my testimony."



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