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Divine Provision of Funds for a Pressing Need

Divine Provision of Funds for a Pressing Need
by Temi Peter - Temmy
Divine Provision of Funds for a Pressing Need

I needed to pay a fee some weeks ago. It was a very urgent pressing need. It’s not as if life and death depended on it, but not paying the fee could set me back by years. I would lose a lot of data/information, goodwill, prestige and what have you which I am still in the process of building. As I approached the deadline, a number of options ran through my head. Though I was trusting in God, I decided (out of fear and lack of enough faith) to create a number of Plan Bs. First, I would approach my uncle for a loan. Second, I would speak to my account officer so that she would allow me to draw my current account into debit. I intended to try out these options if the Lord did not show up before 10.00am on the eve of the deadline. And I meant it. The eve of the deadline came. I resumed to work before 8.00am, went through my daily routine of praying and reading my Bible and started waiting. The day seemed to be proceeding like any other day. I didn’t even wait till it was 10.00am before I started exploring my options. The first option, approaching my uncle, suffered a setback. He was not in his office and his phone was switched off. The second option, contacting my account officer, came in handy. I decided to first send her a text explaining my predicament to her and how she could be of help. My thinking was that even if she could not help me as my account officer to get a small loan, at least, she would be able to help me from her own purse. I sent her the text and was trying to wait till the deadline of 10.00am I had given God passed before I would follow the text up with a phone call. I felt relieved and confident. The account officer was no stranger to me. She had been at my place once. At about 9:35am, my phone rang. Immediately, out of expectation, I picked up the phone to see who it was. Could it be a strange number? Someone calling me for a business transaction – exactly what I was expecting or could it be my account officer calling in response to my text? As I gazed on my phone screen, I noticed it was a close friend calling. He rarely called on weekdays. I picked up and we began speaking. He said he wanted me to help him carry out some business transactions. We are not based in the same state. His proposal didn’t seem to be a big deal at first. But I obliged him for the sake of our friendship. As I set out to carry out the transactions, I called my account officer to follow up on my proposal. She disappointed me on both fronts of my expectation. First, she said she would not allow me to draw my current account into negative, that the bank won’t allow it and so on and so forth and second, she didn’t have money to borrow me herself. That she was also broke. She didn’t even wait for me to ask her for her personal assistance before she told her financial status. I had never made any such requests before from her. I felt bad. Nevertheless, the transactions I was about to carry out for my friend offered a glimmer of hope.

Brethren, believe you me, by the time I successfully completed the transactions, I had made little above what was needed to meet the pressing need. Hence, before the deadline came, I paid the fees and everything was fine. My friend too was glad and satisfied.
Later in the day, I reflected on how I had trusted in God half-heartedly and decided to help myself out to no avail. The Lord in His infinite mercy, however, did not mind my unbelief and leave me to my vices. He made a way for me where there seemed to be no way. He proved to me once again, that He will always be there for me.
I bless His Holy Name. Praise the LORD!


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