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8-year debtor pays up with 100% extra as compensation

8-year debtor pays up with 100% extra as compensation
by Temi Peter - Temmy
8-year debtor pays up with 100% extra as compensation

Olusolape Olubunmi (female, Nigeria) narrates on February 5, 2016:

"Grace & Peace. My husband and I stumbled on an all-night programme -I guess during the convention or so you had in Dec 2015 on Dove TV. We hooked up praying all the prayers as Daddy G.O led us. He asked towards the end to write what we wanted God to do -I think 3 points or so and one was a Financial Miracle for a sister of mine in the UK who had been in financial challenge for well over a decade. To the glory of God, the very next week she sent an email to us her sibblings that she got a mail from a good family friend here in Nigeria who had written to tell her that the person who borrowed N10m from her about 8yrs ago in Nigeria here contacted him that he was sorry for the long delay. He had invested the money and got returns of recent to the tune of N35m. He then forwarded N20m as against N10m which my sister had borrowed him to this friend's account for onward transfer to my sister in the UK - a 100 fold return and yet it wasn't that they did the business together. I have written to return all the glory back to God. God bless"

Source: rccg.org


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