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Her daughter was delivered from strange, sudden episodes of stroke symptoms

Her daughter was delivered from strange, sudden episodes of stroke symptoms
by Temi Peter - Temmy
Her daughter was delivered from strange, sudden episodes of stroke symptoms

Bene George (Female, Nigeria) narrates on June 4, 2016:

"Praise the Lord! My testimony is two-fold but first, let me ask for mercy because they are long overdue. Sometime in 2014, Daddy asked us to bring oil for anointing. He told us not to misuse the oil when anointed because it would be very special, like no other anointing oil. He also said we should buy other bottles of oil and pour a little of the anointed one inside for use and keep the original bottle very safe. I did as instructed. One Saturday morning after my quiet time the Spirit laid it in my heart to anoint our compound, particularly the gate. So I obeyed. I did a prayer walk around the compound. The security people were looking at me wondering what I was doing but I didn't care. When I got to the gate and poured the oil, I decreed that no evil or wicked person will enter the compound. The next day when we got home from church, we met one of the security men standing outside the gate. he opened the gate and we drove in. About ten minutes after the phone rang and i picked up the phone. It was the security man, from the sound of his voice I knew something was wrong so I asked him. He said about three minutes after we drove in, a car with 5 men came by. He said the moment he saw them, he knew they were not good people because of the way they looked and were dressed, with bandana round their head. They drove to the end and came to him and asked him "where's the car that just came here." He said he was afraid and pretended he didn't see any car. they continued to question him and he maintained that since he had been standing there no car had come into the close. The one who appeared to be the ring leader then queried one of them, asking him why he said the car came in there when it didn't. The other man swore that he saw the car enter there and then there was an arguement amongst them. Eventually they left saying "Ah, we've missed them!" Secondly, on the eve of my daughter's birthday in July 2014, my daughter and I where watching TV when my daughter suddenly started screaming "mummy i can't feel my hands, i can't feel. I can't feel." Confused, I asked her what she meant and she kept repeating what she said. To my shock, as I was looking at wondering what she was saying her, her mouth began to shift to one side of her face. I was totally confused and couldn't believe what I was seeing. A lot of things went through my mind. i began to wonder if she was having a stroke? But then I thought "how is that possible, she's only 12!" Suddenly I remembered Jairus's daughter in Luke 8:40–56 and i remembered the special anointing oil and Daddy GO's word that that anointing oil should be protected because it was very special and should only be used for special occasion. So I went to get it, anointed my daughter with it and put a drop in her mouth and as suddenly as it started, it stopped but happened again about ten minutes later. This time I laughed at it (whatever it was) but took her to the doctor just to fulfill all righteousness. this about 11 pm just about 1 hour to her 12th birthday. The doctors ran a series of tests but could not find anything. They were confused. Since we were to travel two days later we decided to go for further check up. There they performed several tests. At first they were confused, they said it had all the signs of a stroke but because of her age they were confused. After several tests they finally said it was some form of migraine. They gave her a drug and said for the rest of her life she would be having those episodes, that she should take the drug daily to control it. I laughed and strongly rejected their report, anointed her again and began to confess divine healing over her. I also thought her to confess healing using Exo 15:26 and Ex 14:13. But because she was in the boarding school the drug was given to the Housemistress who administered the drug to her everyday. She used the drug for about 3 months or so and just stopped using it on her own and by the grace of God she has not had that experience again,she is totally healed. Praise the Lord!!!"



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