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Persistent satanic dream comes to an end.

Persistent satanic dream comes to an end.
by Temi Peter - Temmy
Persistent satanic dream comes to an end.

Alade Alex Oluwatoyin (Male, Nigeria) narrates on March 5, 2015:

"I had a dream long ago. In the dream, there was a dove I tried to capture but on approaching it, the dove turned to small black snake which I tried to kill but disappeared. Subsequently, I always see this snake in my dream and it has grown bigger. I struggled to kill it but all efforts to no avail. I have prayed but as GOD will have it, I was in one of the HOLY GHOST SERVICE, when G.O. gave the word of knowledge narrating exactly my experience in the dream . How the dream started and the snake grew big. He, G.O.,offered short small prayer and that was the end of that satanic dream. I thank GOD because I was delivered completely. Glory be to GOD forever and ever. AMEN"



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