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Deliverance from the spirit of madness

Deliverance from the spirit of madness
by Temi Peter - Temmy
Deliverance from the spirit of madness

Joseph Oluwatoyin Alonge (male, Nigeria) narrates on January 1, 2015:

"Let somebody shout Hallelujah! Firstly, I thank God for the salvation of my soul and that of my family. March 2013 Special Holy Ghost service, Daddy said, there is someone here that the enemy wants to disgrace but the Lord asked me to tell you that your enemy will be put to shame. In the year 2013, February precisely, just towards the end of my Youth Service, I had an attack in the dream. A month later, one night, I started having unusual feeling inside my brain that was so terrible. All that I could do then was to pray in tongues because only God knows what would have happened. A week later, in the cool of the night, it started again to the extent that I couldn’t control it so I had to invite a colleague of mine i.e. the NCCF President, Bro. Muyiwa by name. He prayed along with me and told me not to tell anyone that God will surely deliver me. That night, as this feeling was severe, one spirit was telling me to shout and another spirit was telling me that if I should shout it will result to madness. But I still kept on praying for even though the feeling was still there. So when Daddy G.O asked us to fast for 100 days in 2014, I joined the race and I fasted throughout. After the first month of fasting, I couldn’t feel the same feeling till present day. I am mentally and emotionally sound now. Let the children of God shout Hallelujah as God blesses and increases His anointing upon daddy G.O, Pastor E.A Adeboye in Jesus’ Name. Who did it? Jesus! Waoh, O My God!"



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