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Deliverance from Lustful Thoughts

Deliverance from Lustful Thoughts
by Temi Peter - Temmy
Deliverance from Lustful Thoughts

I had suffered from having lustful thoughts since my teenage years. At the time I used to enjoy it. It served as a favourite pastime. Sometimes, it pushed me into sin proper. This continued until I was about getting married. I knew the habit itself it was a sin according what our Lord Jesus said in Matthew 5:28 that if you looked at a woman to lust after her, you have committed adultery with her in your heart. Hence, I usually asked for forgiveness from time to time. However, I never thought it was possible to stop the habit as a single fellow neither did I make any effort to stop it. My expectation was that I’ll eventually get over the habit after I got married. I was wrong. In fact, after I got married, it got worse. I’d lust after almost anything in skirt. This was when I discovered that there was more to it than I hitherto presumed. It was the devil’s way of creating a gap/wedge between God and me. I knew being born-again was a thing of the heart and that though man looks outwardly, the Lord looks at the heart. I won’t want the Lord to see my heart in a mess. The Bible says in Proverbs 4:23 that we should guide our hearts with all diligence because out of it flow the issues of life. Having ruminated on these things I began to change my attitude to lustful thoughts especially after I got baptised. First, I decided to stop enjoying the habit and started hating it. Second, I began praying for the grace and ability to overcome the habit. Third, I began taking steps to ensure I didn’t see anything that would trigger the lustful thoughts. I stopped taking a second glance at anything that could be spiritually harmful in the event I unavoidably had a first glance. Also, I started hating anything that could trigger lustful thoughts. Over time, it has worked. I am now in control of my thoughts as regards lusts. Not that the thoughts don’t come. But I dismiss them immediately and with holy anger. I am not there yet. I am still striving for perfection and I know the Lord can see my effort and He is helping me out. Praise the Lord!


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