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Divine provision of a Federal Government job

Divine provision of a Federal Government job
by Temi Peter - Temmy
Divine provision of a Federal Government job

Anietie Ebong (male, Nigeria) narrates on December 30, 2014:

"To God alone be glory and praise forever! Amen! Early this year (2014), Daddy G.O. gave a number of prophecies which I believed were meant for me. Two of the prophecies, in particular, which kept echoing in my heart were that: (1) Soon, everywhere I go, people will be greeting me with “Congratulations!”; and (2) Before the end of this year, I will sing the song: “I never knew you will honour me this way…” My list of expectations for this year (2014) included a Federal Government appointment that involves two stages of nomination and recommendation, and finally approval by the President of my country (Nigeria). Being from a minority tribe, and also having “big man” or “godfather” to help pull strings for me, I stood no sensible chance of success in the exercise. But God gave me a word in Ezekiel 21 verse 27 which I held unto throughout the period. Alas, against absolutely impossible odds, and in what can only be explained as a divine miracle, I was given the appointment on Tuesday 16th December, 2014. I give thanks and praises to God for this great miracle and for honouring His inspired word to His children. Now, everywhere I go, people have been telling me, Congratulations! Please join me to glorify the Name of the LORD."



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