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A major setback in her quest for PhD got miraculously reversed

A major setback in her quest for PhD got miraculously reversed
by Temi Peter - Temmy
A major setback in her quest for PhD got miraculously reversed

Lola A (female, United Kingdom) narrates on July 2, 2016:

"I started my PhD programme and all was going ok. Being a wife and mother, I struggled at some point. However, as enthusiastic as I was, it turned out that I did not have sufficient supervisory input to guide me so I failed an important review. The panel suggested that I withdraw, which I refused to accept, so they made a concession for me to transfer to a Masters by Research programme (Only God could have achieved this). Following the review, my very busy and unhelpful supervisor decided that he could not supervise me anymore and found me a new supervisor. This was God in action because my new supervisor was very helpful and guided me along the academic research process very effectively. I started to feel like I now knew what I was doing; my supervisor’s confidence in my work began to grow. Fast forward to my next review… It was very successful and the possibility of my going back on my PhD programme was broached by my supervisor to my panel. My panel were not in full agreement with 2 members in and 2 not so keen. The not so keen members were my former supervisor and the panel chair; they brought up potential issues that could limit the chances of my project being achievable. The verdict was that I should focus on completing the MSc by Research. I was meant to hand in my thesis in January; however, during the RCCG Holy Ghost Congress in December (I watched it on TV as I live in the UK), my faith in God’s ability to reverse my situation grew. I wanted to be studying for my PhD not MSc by Research! I held on to specific utterances made by Daddy GO that were relevant for my situation. The January Holy Ghost service--“No more losses”--further solidified my determination that God was going to “reverse the irreversible” for me as declared by Daddy GO. Teachings from my local RCCG parish also helped to support my faith at this time. In fact, God opened up many opportunities to strengthen my faith. I was determined, I held on to God’s word and I prayed and cried out to God at every opportunity about the issue, particularly at midnight/early hours of the morning when my kids were in bed. As the time for submitting my thesis drew near, I decided to have a chat with my supervisor and I told him of my intention not to submit my MSc by Research thesis because I wanted to be put back on the PhD programme. I discussed my ideas with him and to cut a long story short, he fully supported me and made a case for me to be reinstated back to PhD. I am back on the programme as I type this testimony. God has foiled the plans of the enemy. He has done it for me! GOD HAS INDEED REVERSED THE IRREVERSIBLE IN MY LIFE… ONLY THE MOST HIGH COULD HAVE DONE THIS!"



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