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From 8-year joblessness to Senior Manager

From 8-year joblessness to Senior Manager
by Temi Peter - Temmy
From 8-year joblessness to Senior Manager

Mrs Oluchi Ideozu (female, Nigeria) narrates on September 4, 2015:

"I thank the Most High God for the salvation of my soul and I'm giving this testimony to the glory of the Lord and to the absolute shame of the devil. For the past 8 years, my husband sought to get a job but all efforts proved futile. The situation brought reproach to our family. We basically lived from hand to mouth. We were unable to take care of our financial responsibilities. People called us all sorts of names but we never stopped believing God. In fact, we became stronger in the Lord than ever. After we attended the August convention, we trusted God and believed it was our time to be visited. Not quite one week after the program, my husband received a call from a top organisation and was asked to come for an interview. We prayed and anointed him and his certificates with the anointed handkerchief from the convention. He was called again by the same coy for a second interview, we prayed again in faith using the anointed handkerchief. The third time he received a call from them to come, it was for job briefing and remuneration as one of the senior managers in this organisation. We are in awe of the All Sufficient God who delivered our good news before the September. Praise be to The Lord. HALLELUJAH!"



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