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I hereby solicit for your cheerful, voluntary and warm donations and patronage to expand this site to its optimum capacity and keep it running.

Daily Devotionals - is a compendium of daily devotionals. Apart from providing a daily source of motivation and guidance for daily bible reading and meditation for readers, it is also a place where Christians can meet, rub minds and encourage one another.

Since December 1, 2013, I have given my very best to see to the running of this site. However, my best is not enough as there is need to make this site as rich, useful, helpful and attractive as possible. And this is where you come in.

We need funds for the following:

1. To pay employees
Why do we need employees?
We need employees to make sure all the 6 choice devotionals the site has to offer - Open Heavens, Our Daily Manna, The Good Seed, The Lord is near, The Word for Today & Rhapsody of Realities - are up and running.

At the moment, only the Open Heavens daily devotional is running on this site. Other devotionals have not been running because nobody has volunteered to assist in typing any of the other devotionals without requesting for some form of reward.

By the grace of God, I have been the only one typing, proof-reading and posting the Open Heavens devotional all the while.

It is my firm belief that having online access to all the devotionals the site has to offer will go a long way in meeting the daily spiritual needs of all readers. For instance, if Devotionals 'A' is boring today, Devotional 'B' may be interesting, inspiring and may be just what you need to get your day started and vice versa.

Hence, I have resolved to employ at least two people who will assist me in getting all the 6 devotionals typed. With us having paid employees, it will be easier to instruct them appropriately and monitor them closely.

We also need an employee who will help handle technical issues as regards the website.

Employees will also moderate the newly created Testimonies and Challenges section and other sections to ensure that only testimonies and challenges indeed are posted in them so that the sections are not abused or rendered useless.

2. To set up and run the Daily Devotional office
Do we really need an office?
Yes we do. The employees will resume for work at the office daily and close from there. With employees coming on board, funds are needed to set up and run a conducive office environment with all the tools required for work so that they can perform their duties effectively.

3. To pay for the hosting of the website.
Funds will also assist in paying for the hosting of the website.

How You Can Be Of Help

You can be of help in two ways:

1. By paying into this bank account - no amount is too small or big:

Bank : GT Bank
Account Name : Temitope Afe
Account Number : 0002015870


Bank : First Bank
Account Name : Temitope Afe
Account Number : 3095621235


PayPal ID/Email (especially for those abroad):

2. By patronising our services:
We offer Personalised & Non Personalised Bulk SMS services on our sister website, SleekSmart -
By registering on SleekSmart and subscribing for our SMS services, you have indirectly contributed to the sustenance and growth of Daily Devotionals -

I look forward to your favourable response and feedback.

As you contribute your quota to the propagation of the gospel, the Lord will reward your labour of love and your sincere efforts will not be in vain in Jesus' Name. Amen.

Thank you and God bless.

Best regards,
Temitope Afe (Temi Peter),
Site Admin.

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