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How The LORD Saved Peter From Drowning

Scriptures Expounded - Posted on Thursday, July 31, 2014
by Temi Peter
How The LORD Saved Peter From Drowning

And immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand, and caught him, and said unto him, O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?
Matthew 14:31
Every time we read this verse of scripture, we most likely fail to realise the miracles that took place in it.
We rightly focus on Peter's expression of fear based on the circumstances surrounding him in Matthew 14:30 thereby making him sink as he started to walk on the water.
When the disciples saw Jesus walking on the sea as he approached them, they were troubled thinking it was a spirit and they cried out for fear. But Jesus assured them that it was He who walked on the water and that they should not be afraid.
Peter then put the Lord to the test by asking the Lord to allow to him come and meet Him on the water. Of course, Peter knew walking on the water was no ordinary, natural feat and that he required power from the Lord to accomplish it. And the Lord gave him at that every moment.
Peter wasted no time in setting forth to exercise the extraordinary power to walk on water which the Lord had just given him. Matthew 14:29 says he actually walked on the water to go to Jesus before the fear of the boisterous wind actually gripped him and he began to sink.
Peter had stylishly asked the Lord to prove he is Lord and he did. Now he was sinking and he cried to the Lord to save him. Once again, the Lord answered him.
This is the miracle I want us to realise and ponder on. Peter was nowhere near Jesus as he walked on the water before he began to sink. But as soon as he cried to the Lord to save him, the Lord immediately stretched forth his hand and caught him. Is this not the outstretched arm of God we read about in the Bible in Deuteronomy 1:8, Jeremiah 21:5 & Jeremiah 27:5? The hand of the Lord must have become far longer than normal to grab Peter as he sank.
After catching him, the Lord continued to walk on the water until he got to the ship and entered it and then the wind ceased according to Matthew 14:32.
I can’t tell if Peter walked alongside Jesus as He (Jesus) held him or the Lord carried him all the way until they got to the ship. But either way tells of another miracle. The reason is that, if Peter walked alongside Jesus while being held, it means his faith was increased or renewed and he was given power to walk on the water again as he did previously. On the other hand, if Peter got so jittery that he could not dare walk on the water again and the Lord had to carry him, it means the Lord had to carry a grown man while walking on water. This is no ordinary feat in my opinion.
All these miracles that the Lord performed starting from when he began to walk on the water, when He told Peter to come and meet Him walking on the water, when He stretched forth his arm supernaturally to catch Peter when he began to sink and when He alongside Peter entered the ship and the wind ceased must have made the disciples come and worship him as he arrived at the ship saying truly, he is the Son of God – Matthew 14:33.
Let us ponder on these scriptures.
Praise the LORD!

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Temi Peter


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