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Don’t Let Fear Stop You (2)

The Word for today - Wednesday, January 6, 2016
by Bob and Debby Gass
Don’t Let Fear Stop You (2)

‘…Matthew got up and followed him.’ Matthew 9:9 NIV (2011 Edition)
COLLECTING TAXES for the Romans was a lucrative job. But for a Jew like Matthew, it meant betraying your own people. As a result, he was despised and excluded from religious worship. But that didn’t stop Jesus from calling him to be a disciple. And when He did, Matthew didn’t hesitate; he ‘got up and followed him’. Sheila Schuller Coleman points out: ‘Where everyone else saw a pariah, Jesus saw a promise…where everyone else saw a champion of the faith…It matters not who we are…our education…our pedigree…our connections…or our history…Jesus has a plan…and He needs every one of us to fulfil our God-given, divine purpose. ’ It’s natural to be apprehensive when you’re facing change and uncertainty, but God says, ‘Take courage! ...Don’t be afraid’ (Matthew 14:27 NIV 2011 Edition). One Bible teacher writes: ‘God knows it involves a challenging stretch… He knows our abilities and resources aren’t what strengthen us for the journey (Philippians 4:13). When we fear we cant do the things God calls us to do… that He won’t protect and provide…we embrace the lie that our circumstances are bigger than God, and our faith gets placed on the altar of our own perceptions. If you’re like me you often fear what’s behind the curtain of God’s call, and – frustratingly – He won’t let me peek…He keeps the curtain of our future drawn so we’ll learn to live by faith and not by sight, so we’ll become certain of what we hope for, and become sure of God even when we can’t see how He’s working in our circumstances.’

Bible In A Year: Genesis 13-15, Matthew 5:1-26


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