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The Good Seed - Friday, June 19, 2020
by GBV Dillenburg GmbH

Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the LORD God among the trees of the garden.The LORD’s throne is in heaven; his eyes behold … the sons of men.
Genesis 3:8; Psalm 11:4

Hiding from God’s eyes
In a French village around 1800 there was a spiritual revival. A villager of the time reported:

“When I was still young, I was intrigued by what happened in the village. Early in the morning and late in the evening men and women went in small groups to a clearing in the forest. I decided to see if what people were saying was true. I went there a little later so as not to meet anyone on the way. I intended standing behind a tree near enough not to miss what was said or done at those meetings.

The preacher took his message from the book of Genesis and spoke loudly on Adam, the man who avoided the LORD by hiding behind the trees in the Garden of Eden. Suddenly, carried away by his subject, he shouted: “Here is someone hiding behind a tree, imagining that God cannot see him and refusing to make his peace with God.”

Thunderstruck, I thought the preacher had noticed me and meant me. I couldn’t flee, and being convinced about sin and being lost, I knelt down behind the tree, pleading that God would have mercy on the sinner that I was.”

It is impossible to escape God’s eyes. He knows all about us (cf. Psalm 139), and we have to render our account to Him. But, what good news! God loves us as we are and wishes to establish a relationship of trust on the ground of the forgiveness that He grants to all who repent. Then peace will put fear and guilt to flight.

Today’s reading: Leviticus 8:22-36 · Psalm 55:9-16


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