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The Good Seed - Saturday, May 6, 2017
by GBV Dillenburg GmbH

But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed.
James 1:6

Many people today question the validity of the Bible and the Christian faith. They cast doubt on everything to do with them. On closer scrutiny, one concludes that there are two kinds of doubters.
First, there are those who relish their doubts. When their conscience is troubled by anything, doubt is the best way of silencing it. So they engross themselves in literature that supports their doubts. They love to discuss but that does not stifle their doubts. Grasping facts is the only way to win certainty for our souls and banishing the doubts. When eternal facts are in question, we humans are dependent on God’s utterances.
The other class of doubters suffer from their uncertainty. They seek peace and assurance, but fail to find them. But there is a way that is accessible for everyone who doubts. The Lord Jesus Christ stated some two thousand years ago: “If anyone wills to do this (i.e.) God’s will, he shall know concerning the doctrine whether it is from God or whether I speak of my own authority” (John 7:17). The condition to be fulfilled for personal assurance in matters of faith is one’s readiness to do God’s will. That begins with the practice of praying and reading the Bible; there we discover the will of God.
The first thing God wishes to show us is our inability to please Him. As sinners we need the Redeemer Jesus Christ urgently. Is that acceptable to us, or would we rather persist in our doubts?
Today’s reading: 2 Samuel 5:6-25


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