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Our Daily Bread - Wednesday, November 10, 2016
by RBC Ministries

Matthew 4:18-22

And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.
-Matthew 4:19

Jeremiah 48-49
Hebrews 7

While visiting Jerusalem, a friend of mine saw an old rabbi walking past the Wailing Wall. The interesting thing about the aged rabbi was the five young men walking behind him. They too were walking bent over, limping – just like their rabbi. An Orthodox Jew watching them would know exactly why there were imitating their teacher. They were “followers.”
Throughout the history of Judaism, one of the most honoured positions for a Jewish man was the privilege of becoming a “follower” of the local rabbi. Followers sat at the rabbi’s feet as he taught. They would study his words and watch how he acted and reacted to life and others. A follower would count it the highest honour to serve his rabbi in even the most menial tasks. And because they admired their rabbi, they were determined to become like him.
When Jesus called His disciples to follow Him (Matthew 4:19), it was an invitation to be changed by Him, to become like Him, and to share His passion for those who need a Saviour. The high honour of being His follower should show in our lives as well. We too have been called to catch the attention of the watching world as we walk, think, and act just like Jesus – the rabbi, the teacher, of our souls. – Joe Stowell
Thank You, Lord, for the high honour of being called to follow You. May my life so imitate You that others will know that You are the pursuit of my life and the rabbi of my soul.

Follow Jesus and let the world know He is your rabbi.


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