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Our Daily Bread - Saturday, June 11, 2016
by RBC Ministries

Psalm 15

I know also, my God, that thou triest the heart, and hast pleasure in uprightness. As for me, in the uprightness of mine heart I have willingly offered all these things: and now have I seen with joy thy people, which are present here, to offer willingly unto thee.
-1 Chronicles 29:17

Ezra 1-2
John 19:23-42

I came across an epitaph on an old gravestone in a cemetery the other day. It read, “J.Holgate: An honest man.”
I know nothing of Holgate’s life, but because his marker is unusually ornate, he must have struck it rich. But whatever he accomplished in his lifetime, he’s remembered for just one thing: He was “an honest man.”
Diogenes, the Greek philosopher, spent a lifetime in search of honesty and finally concluded that an honest man could not be found. Honest people are hard to find in any age, but the trait is one that greatly matters.
Honesty is not the best policy; it’s the only policy, and one of the marks of a man or woman who lives in God’s presence. David writes, “LORD,...who may dwell in Your holy hill? He who walks uprightly” (Psalm 15:1-2).
I ask myself: Am I trustworthy and honourable in all my affairs? Do my words ring true? Do I speak the truth in love or do I fudge and fade the facts now and then, or exaggerate for emphasis? If so, I may turn to God with complete confidence and ask for forgiveness and for a good and honest heart – to make truthfulness an integral part of my nature. The One who has begun a good work in me is faithful. He will do it. – David Roper
Lord, help me to be honest
In all I do and say,
And grant me grace and power
To live for You each day. – Fitzhugh

Live in such a way that when people think of honesty and integrity, they will think of you.


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