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Our Daily Bread - Tuesday, December 14, 2016
by RBC Ministries

Isaiah 7:10-15

Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.
-Isaiah 7:14

Joel 1-3
Revelation 5

In the pages of Scripture, several baby-boy births stand out. Cain, the firstborn after creation.Isaac, the hope of Israel’s future.Samuel, the answer to a mother’s fervent prayer.All extremely important.All joyously expected.And all described exactly the same by the chroniclers of Scripture: In each case, we are told that the mother conceived and bore a son (Genesis 4:1; 21:2-3; 1 Samuel 1:20).
Now consider one more baby boy’s birth. The description of this arrival was much more greatly detailed: a few words were clearly not enough to tell of Jesus’ birth. In Micah, we were told where He would be born – Bethlehem (5:2). In Isaiah, that His mother would be a virgin (7:14), and that He was coming to save people from their sin (ch.53).
In the New Testament, we were given such key information as what His name would be and why (Matthew 1:21), where He was born in fulfillment of prophecy (2:6), and how both His birth mother and adoptive father were part of God’s plan (1:16).
Jesus’ birth stands above all births. His coming changed the world and can change our lives. Let’s celebrate Him! – Dave Branon
Mild He lays His glory by,
Born than man no more may die.
Born to raise the sons of earth,
Born to give them second birth. – Wesley

Christ is the greatest gift known to man.


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