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Open Heavens - Friday, August 25, 2017
by Pastor E.A Adeboye

Matthew 25:24-30

“And that servant, which knew his lord's will, and prepared not himself, neither did according to his will, shall be beaten with many stripes.”
Luke 12:47

Bible in one year:
1 Chronicle 8-10
Ezekiel 30:20-31:9

Sing hymn 14 (in hard copy)

An unprofitable servant is generally identified as a steward that fails to put his or her talents to profitable use for his or her master. He or she is a wasteful person who is pleased to keep the master’s investment from yielding any profit. Among all the servants mentioned in the Bible, it was only the unprofitable servant that had the disrespectful behaviour of complaining and bringing charges against his lord. He had the audacity to accuse his master to his face of being a difficult and greedy person, wanting to reap where he did not sow! He created the impression that his master had all along been wicked, unfair and insensitive. Although the unprofitable servant tried to portray himself as a humble and obedient servant, he ended up giving himself off as self- righteous person, who had mastered the art of making excuses to cover up for slothfulness and failure. Trying to justify himself, he falsely argued that he became indolent and unproductive out of fear for his master. He forgot that a master’s commandment is a servant’s duty. As a matter of fact, a servant always owes a debt of service to his or her master (Luke 17:7-10). The unprofitable servant tried so hard to justify himself but he failed woefully. God is not mocked; the excuses you have prepared to use on the Day of Judgment will not stand the test of His scrutiny.

Brethren, every excuse that we give for failure to obey the commandments of God with regards to the use of our talents is simply evidence of rebellion against God. The excuse that the unprofitable servant gave is the common plea of many Christians today, who complain that the Almighty God has no right to demand for the use of their time, money and ability for the promotion of His Kingdom. If you fail to put your God-given talents to profitable use, on the day of reckoning, you will hear the denunciation pronounced against the unprofitable servant: “Take therefore the talent from him!” I pray that you will never receive words of condemnation from God in Jesus’ Name. Many would ask, “What wrong have I done?” Search your heart. Have you fixed your Lord’s money in huge deposits and savings accounts, or tied up His investment in properties, exotic cars, exclusive furniture and an expensive lifestyle, all the while leaving souls to perish in their sins? Do you prefer to bury your talents out of selfishness because you care more about yourself and less about God and the expansion of His Kingdom? Have you deliberately refused to put God’s endowments in your life to profitable use; thereby causing the benefits and profits due to God and man to be totally lost? To be commended by the Master, we need to repent of our selfish lifestyle and yield to God in complete obedience.

Prayer Point:
Father, please give me the grace to serve You profitably to the end in Jesus’ Name.


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