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Day 3: Monday 13th Jan 2020

2020 RCCG Fasting Prayer Points - Monday, January 13, 2020
Day 3: Monday 13th Jan 2020

DAY 3: THANKSGIVING (DADDY AND MUMMY G.O.), TEXT: Psa 32: We are encouraged to always pray for our leaders.

1. Father God we thank you for Daddy G.O., the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God and Mummy G.O. in Jesus name Psa.34:1-3
2. Oh Lord, we thank you for your protection over them Isa.41:10
3. Lord, thank you because you are fighting every battle of their lives. Exo.14:14 4. Lord God almighty, we thank you for giving them victory in every area of their life. 1Jn 5:6
5. Gracious Lord, we thank you for prospering your work in their hands Psa 68, 118:19
6. Father Lord, thank you because you will complete the work you have started in their lives in Jesus name Phi 1:6
7. Thank you Lord, for answering their prayers and may you continue to always answer their prayers in Jesus name I Kgs 8:28
8. Father Lord, we thank you that all you have released into their hands will never be taken away by the enemies and they will end strong in the name of Jesus. John 6:37
9. Thank you for chosen them, please continue to be their God in the name of Jesus. Psa 33:12
10. Lord, we thank you for long life and prosperity for daddy and mummy G.O, in Jesus name. Psa 91:16


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